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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Thoughts of a nosey girlfriend

I'm sorry.

I got back after we went to the pub for lunch and your computer was buzzing and saying "Go on, take a look, you know you want to." And it giggled like mutly out of wacky races.

Anyway,.. I took a look at My Documents and was intrigued by your rants from a constantly ticking mind.

So I looked

and I read

and I'm sorry

please forgive me, I love you

And then I had this naughty little thought that I should leave you a little message to find (although I am way to impatient to hide it properly, I will save it on the desk top)

I love you sweetie, and I love your mind. I wish you could show me every image and thought and idea that flashes up behind those beautiful soft brown eyes that make me squggle so. Its hard though isn't it. I used to write alot when I was younger but I could never do justice to my visions and so I abandoned each idea in turn and tried again. Maybe oneday I will be able to say what I really want to say. For now I have stopped trying in favour of facts and reality (but it is not so much fun I think).

Don't you stop trying. You have the chance to find a way. To find a way of printing your thoughts into the world as it were.

I read that rant and it made me realise just how clever and creative you really are. That 3am (or whatever) was so articulate and wonderful. It was like I could read your thoughts as they had entered your head. So what if you can't find the words to talk or the tools to draw, the ideas and the ability is there in your head and you have a lifetime to find a way of setting it free.

And your stomach is not bloated and overweight. And no arguing. a, a, a,.. I am putting my foot down *thud* so there.

I love you.

p.s. Vultures?


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