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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Haven't seen Rich for 3 weeks

I'm bored. I got in about quarter to eleven and have been playing Bejewelled 2 ever since which means over an hour, sigh.

I miss Rich, but hey, I'm seeing him tomorrow and I can't wait. Stupid seminar thing means I can't catch a train till 4:30, grrr. We have to write our christmas lists as an assignment, christmas lists! I haven't even started thinking about Christmas Shopping yet, it isn't even December. I do know I have considerably less money to spend on christmas shopping than I did thismorning though.

Let me explain. It was my friend Amy's 21st birthday the other day and today she was having an Ann Summers party to which we were all invited. Well I managed to spend alot of money I don't really have on... well lets just say something pretty, something kinky and something down right dirty! I think Rich will be well impressed... shhhh,... don't ruin the supprise.

I was possibly thinking about arranging one with my girl mates in Portishead at some point...

*train of thought crosses points*

I suggested to Rich that we make each other stockings this year, you know, loads of little prezzies in a sock. I miss stockings, my mum and dad stopped doing stockingd for me when I was 15. Rich said he got one when he was 18!! I don't know a grown man getting stockings from his mum and dad? *shakes head* *giggles*

I probably ought to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I am planning at the moment to do everything the week before christmas when I am back in Portishead, probably in Broadmead, its easier to find a bargain there than at Cribbs Causeway.

Got to go, fresh new day tomorrow.


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