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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The boredom is setting in.

Over the past few days, I have been trying (with great effort) to make music. The trouble is, I can't get a good basis for the noise. A starting point, a reference node, a chaos piece.
My music of previous has been formulaic, repetitive, *dull*. I want a change. I just want to be creative. My brain yearns for something to do, it's weird. I just want to do something that makes me happy, content, etc.

I should buy a chair. The floor is rather uncomfortable to sit upon, and I'm sure it's playing hell with my neck. Trouble is, the bed is too far away for me to read the screen properly.

Oh wait, I can just change the resolution to make words bigger. Aah, that's a bit better. :) I wish this bed cover would stay on, it's getting annoying. This room is annoying. The lack of internet is annoying, the lack of chair is annoying, the lack of happiness is annoying. Why do I feel annoyed all of a sudden? Lack of sugar possibly. Coke is required.

Things aren't flowing as well as they once did. Money is an issue for the first time in my student life. Once my loan clears, I'll be happier. I wish I hadn't lost that cheque. It's probably somewhere in this room. I need to decorate this place, maybe I should be doing that rather than wasting my time sitting here splurging out my mind onto a white screen. I'll do it tomorrow. No lectures, plenty of time. Get up early, that's the plan. I won't though. I have this tendency to snooze until I need to get up. Snooze. What a perculiar word. One of those words which doesn't look like English. Maybe it's an Americanism. Maybe in the UK it should be called Snoose. No, that doesn't look right either. My mouse is flashing, it's starting to bug me. *sigh*. Maybe I should lay back and thing of nothing. Yes, nothing is good.

Will I ever use that fan? It's the wrong weather, surely?
I'll stick it on anyway, circulate the air.
Christ, it's noisy. Refreshing though.... brrrrrr....... *shiver*
Off again, I suppose.
Hmm... reverse. That's better. Not cold, just refreshing. That sounds like an advert for that old drink... "Something Ice". What was it? Never mind, it'll come back to me. Mentholly goodness. That's it, a reverse fan is like menthol. Not cold, but refreshing.
Hmmm, chewing gum is a good idea. I've got some somewhere.
"Chew on this...", how hilarious (*fake mental laugh*). Nice gum though. Shame it loses it's flavour so quickly. No wonder they usually come foil wrapped. 12:13. No, wait. 23:31. I should really change that clock. I miss the internet. I think I have withdrawl symptoms. No wonder I've been chomping on mints for weeks! Ahh, there goes the chewing gum flavour. Damn. Oh well, I'll keep chewing anyway, as I have nowhere to put it right now. Must get a bin soon. It would reduce the oodles of crap on my floor.

I miss Chrissey too much. I ache for her every day. Twice as much when I see a Couple. Every beautiful girl who passes by makes me think of her. Her smile, her eyes, her. I must have some sort of locking device when it comes to women. I could not cheat on her even if I tried. It makes me happy in a way, prevents me from doing something stupid that I would regret. Even when drunk, the lock is still in effect. Thanks brain. *Your brain thanks you*.

I need to tidy (as always). I need to clean the house up. I need to work out what to make for food this weekend. Hmm.

emie. awia upside down. Like Sega backwards in ageS. Upside down ebaZ. No wait, S upside down is still S. So to ebaS. Hmm, E-Bass. Fishing sim. Or music prog. *shrug*

This bed is comfy. Maybe sleep is a good idea. Tiredness is weird. I don't understand it.

Read back. So mixed up my mind is. Tossing and turning as if it wants to do something but doesn't know yet and so instead just wants sleep. Ampersands are weird. Oxymorons are people obsessed with spot cleansers. My window is covered in condensation.

What are SSH-keys? Research starts now. Whatever it is, that Termisoc Root hacker seems to be manipulating them. Who knows...? Soundcard not making sounds. Reboot.

*system rebooted 23:55*


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