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Sunday, July 27, 2008

'These people are mad, I tell you! They're completely bananas!'

For anyone interested in the music for that new Seat Ibiza advert known as both 'Perfection requires a touch of madness' or 'Madhouse' or whatever....

It *isn't* Frontier Pyschiatrist by The Avalanches - not a remix, not the original, nada, zip. Anyone who *does* say it is obviously hasn't heard it since it was out. Song of The Salesman is wrong on this, trust me.

Actually, it's a comissioned piece specifically for SEAT, which they have named as called 'Madhouse'. You won't be able to find it. Give up, and just rant at the advertising company until they finally release it (like the VW advert featuring the remix of 'Singin' in the Rain, which wasn't meant to be released until all the DJs pleaded for it). Sorry.

SOURCE: - Lists the track as 'Commissioned piece for Seat - Madhouse'

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Blogger Nick Brown said...

Nice detective work, thanks.

9:56 pm

Blogger Mo said...

The concept and lyrics for this song seem to have heavily plagiarised "Frontier Psychiatrist" which I feel is a better tune. Whenever I see the advert I can't help but feeling like they are trying to be inventive or edgy and failing completely.

7:44 pm

Blogger The MooseBlaster said...

@mo: ...which in turn heavily plagiarises the Wayne & Shuster comedy sketch 'Frontier Psychiatrist' - the source of most of the key samples in the track:

Wayne & Shuster - Froniter Psychiatrist

10:07 pm

Blogger wayne said...

I would hazard a guess that Seat approached Dexta to commission the track. Frontier psychiatrist was a turntablist composition by him in a DMC competition circa 2000. This was prior to him working with the Avalanches.

All the best

11:10 pm

Blogger frankies movie babes said...

yes theres a current long debate
about the song in the seat advert
on youtube at the moment and i am
trying to convine people that they
thaught it was called madhouse
and i have spent the whole week
reasurching for the song on youtube
there is deffinatly an song called
madhouse by anthrax and it is a
name of the madonna cover band
called madhouse but no joy for
finding out the song name for the seat ibiza advert ok.

frankie smales

(retro tv advert fan and guru)

3:32 am

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