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Thursday, March 30, 2006

We Start Fires in the rain!

We Start Fires are a new(ish) band from Darlington who sound like Elastica and have a line up very similar to Elastica (2 female guitarists, 1 female bassist, 1 male drummer).

But don't let that stop you from enjoying them like a new band. They do sound very very good, they are wholly positive and (hopefully) they won't lose their freedom when they get signed to a bigun agency. I'm sure that the NME are probably wetting themselves in anticipation of a major record deal just to ditch them in 6 months for some hip new unsigned band.

But no worries. They're doing very well, I hope to see them in Bristol and may well buy them up when the opportunity comes.

Oh, and the reference? I happened to be watching their SXSW appearance on BBC2's The Culture Show. Outdoor show, heavy downpour, you get the drift.

Meanwhile, I've got a fancy new feature on me lappytop. It's a Blogger widget. Horray for blogging on demand!


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