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Monday, February 21, 2005

'Nazis??? Where have they come from...? I'm all lost again', Duchess - Mercury Fur

My head is spinning gently right this second. I've been up all night again making sure all the bits of a website I'm working on are correct and right so that it is ready for today. The website in question is, a site to promote the current Finance and Comms Officer of the Student Union into getting a second term. I know you may be thinking why on earth I'd be setting up a site completely randomly and out of the blue. Well, Kris Talikowski is the bloke who is trying to get Plymouth Uni's radio station up and running, and as it's best to try and keep the useful union officers in power, then we said we'd help by building a web site. And oh widgits, just as I said that I've realised I've missed something out. Back soon.

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, web site.

I am slowly learning more and more PHP (aka: web site programming language, rather than HTML which is just a way of getting internet browsers understanding what the hell you're babbling about) through no fault of my own, purely just fixing broken code and writing new stuff. It's weird that I know as much as I do, as I have made no real conscious effort to learn it. :P

Anyways, what have I been up to, apart from that? Oh, Chrissey came over for the weekend, mostly to see a play called 'Mercury Fur' (currently playing at the Drum Theatre, Plymouth) which has been bigged up left, right and centre round here. And well deserved it was too. Basically, it's set in the boroughs of London (which has, in a relatively short space of time become lawless and violent) the story of two brothers and their 'team' who set up parties for expensive clients wishing to live out their darkest fantasies. However, they soon realise that this party isn't so they can stay safe for another week, but a party to stay alive for another day.

I apologise if that description's very vague, but I don't want to give too much of the story away. But it's incredibly good (as long as you don't mind violence and swearing for the sake of art). I'm very surprised by how little they were charging for tickets (£6 for concessions and students; £10 for everyone else). I really want to see it again it was so good. Seriously, any 18-30 year old who isn't easily disturbed/offended should see this. It's a very youthy play I think, but it's damn good. Go see it. No, I don't care if you're in LA. Come over to Plymouth, United Kingdom, and see it (It finishes here on the 26th of February). Or, if you don't want to trek that far, then it's on at The Menier Chocolate Factory in London between the 1st and the 27th of March. I've given it 4 1/2 stars (it lost a small amount for a little too much racist-ish swearing for everyone to handle, in fact one person left about half way through),

Also, Chrissey & I went to see Ocean's Twelve (and no, I haven't seen either version of Ocean's Eleven). It was alright, I suppose. In my opinion it spent far too much time (about 10-15 minutes) at the start showing how Terry Benedict (played by Andy Garcia) turned up at everyone's residences to spoil their fun. I suppose, yes, it had to show how they spent the money, but to be honest, the majority of them could be summed up with just words. Far too long was spent going 'Wow, somebody cameoing' for my liking, and Chrissey (who *had* seen Ocean's Eleven) said it lacked the correlation of story that the first one had, and also several of the 11's expertise were not used at all, making them a little redundant (apart from just to provide a sequel). Apparently, I have just found out the reason for this. The script was originally destined to be a John Woo-fronted film called 'Honor Among Thieves'. When Warner Bros. decided they wanted a sequel to Ocean's Eleven, instead of writing a new story, simply got the writer to re-hash it into this film. That would explain the weak points then! I'll give the film 2 1/2 stars, sadly. This is purely because it's an average film with too many dire points for me to survive with.

Apart from that, I've had an average week. The TermiSoc Annual General Meeting is coming up.
Ben is going for Tech Officer, standing down from Secretary. Skippy is applying to be Secretary. I think we'll make sure he runs all his paperwork through spellchecks and punctuation checkers first though, because (admittedly, I'll let him off because it's not his fault), he has a couple of internal issues. I think I'll feel more relaxed about him going for the position if he proves himself with the Radio station. Meanwhile, I'm feeling kind of depressed that Gem is wandering off (though hopefully, she'll be able to get a job at UPSU, or open up Codename:TenForward (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more). I wonder if she's serious about that? If so, I'd love to help, seeing as I want to open up businesses when I get the opportunity. Also, Dan is going for a year-long work-placement, which means that I'm going to be the only one left that is in the same position as last year. Also, I don't know who can replace Dan as he's the one that stopped us from squandering all our memberships on replacing all our servers :D

I hope that some members get interested. I'm worried that we'll be forced to hire someone random again, like Tempy *shudder*. Tempy, in case I have never mentioned it before, was the "ghoul" of the exec team, because he was appointed Secretary after "losing" the previous one due to some Computing Services issues. Oh wait, that was Skippy. Bugger. He's thought we'd forgotten about that. And we had. Hmm... This isn't good. I'm going to get many many quiet words I believe. *sigh* Oh well.

Anyway, Tempy never turned up. Ever. Even when he said he would turn up, he didn't. So, we fired him. But, of course, we never saw him and so therefore we couldn't tell him he'd been fired. Then the Tempy Mk. II appeared which has been much more reliable (Tempy Mk. II is a chair, by the way, which ever since the Fresher's Fair, has had Tempy's t-shirt hung on it. It became so regular that I think it/he may apply for a post next year on the exec. And I'll be suprised if it/he's less reliable than the real Tempy. :D

Anyway, I feel I've been typing for a donkey, and so I must go off and do stuff. Bye for now.


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