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Monday, January 03, 2005

'I know, let's take a Winston Break!' 'Gee Fred, I dunno...'

Have you ever felt like a particular thing is unimportant until you find it's gone (or more specifically, doesn't work anymore)? I'm feeling that right now about the 0 key on my keyboard. You wouldn't believe how many times I've tried to press the darn thing in the 10 minutes I've been on the computer. Obviously, it must have gotten broken in a dropping incident (caused by me breaking the keyboard bit on my desk at Uni). *sigh* It's a shame really, I was just about to spraypaint my computer the colour of my keyboard (it's a shade of purple, if you must know).

I just went to see a play. The most wonderfully produced play I've seen in many many years. It's an adaptation of 'The Secret Garden', playing at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol. I went out of that performance feeling both a)12 again, b)like I was back at school, watching A-Level students act out plays (due to the feel of the theatre), and c) like I'd lived the show. Words cannot describe how INCREDIBLE this play was. I do WHOLELY recommend it if you're in the area. It runs until the 17th of January I believe. Details here. Also, the theatre itself is basically an open space, with only 250 seats placed around the 'stage'. Half of the floor was covered in REAL grass and cobbles! And the performance, the players, and it all was FANTASTIC. If anyone from the Tobacco Factory is reading this, I wish to congratulate all of you for the greatness of this, everyone who made it possible, and you are the best theatre in the whole of the area in my opinion. Thank you once more.

Also, in the same building, but just around the corner, there is a restaurant called Teohs (Review here), which serves Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai and their own specialities. This place is absolutely perfect for those who want fast, inexpensive, quality food before the performance. The food is quality stuff, although they failed to serve us the Prawn Crackers we ordered, but I would seriously recommend it to anyone who likes their Asian cuisine.

Speaking of Asia, after The Secret Garden, they had the cast getting donations for their Asian Disaster Fund Appeal (monies raised will be split between Oxfam and the British Red Cross). So far they've raised over £1,600 in the past week. My heart does go out to anyone who has lost someone to this tragedy (claimed to be nearly the biggest recorded natural disaster in history). I feel ashamed for the human race that we can't be so kind all the time to others around the world. My bro's still missing a friend who lives in Thailand, so hopefully he'll get in touch soon. If anyone out there knows if Jazz Pagent is still around, tell him to get in touch with Peat and Jo Jeffery. Thanks.

To be honest, things like this make everything else feel pale in comparison. Even that huge dent in my car feels like nothing in comparison. Every day I'm feeling that I'm glad I'm still alive, as is everyone I care for. However, this won't stop me from getting the damage assessed at a local garage. The one problem I face is my little poot-poot isn't worth very much, and so there's probably no point claiming on the insurance, because it'll be an instant write-off according to them. :( I like my car, I wish I cared for it more often, but then again, I'm not here that often. I still need to finish T-Cutting it. Basically, I got a quarter way there. Then I'll buy it a lovely car cover for it to sleep under whilst I am away. :)

I'm sorry, I have a condition where I believe inanimate objects have feelings. But I take great pride in discussing the happiness or sadness of our non-living ancestors.

I feel like I should do something creative once I have drunk some more caffinated beverage. As anyone who has read this blog further than most should know, caffinated beverage makes the world turn, and I think that people who drink Decaffinated products must have a very tired and dull life. Please correct me if I am wrong, though, as I don't think I could survive purely on Caffeine-free Diet Coke for the rest of my life. I think I might take up that Special K challenge when I get back to Uni, the one about dropping a jeans' size. That would be nice. I'd love to be a 31-32 again, rather than a 34-36.

SHUT UP YOU STUPID THING! Sorry, just cursing my phone and it's infinitesimally small battery life (a mere 1/2 a day, if you're lucky). My phone is getting old methinks. Strange how that can be, seeing as I've only owned it for about 13 months, I think. No wait, 25 months. Oh. That might explain it then. At some point, I'll get round to sticking that replacement battery in. Just it'll take 13 hours or so to get settled in. I'll do that before I head back down south for term.

Anyway, I think I should get on with something. Chat to you later!


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