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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

"I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it..."

Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man I can't believe how good I'm feeling, how confident I am in Termisoc, the projects, everything. I feel like things have the potential to go really well!

OK, brief sum up of everything that's happened in the past 6 hours:

1) Went to a tutorial on Digital Cinema, which got me really excited by the concept of owning a cinema with Chrissey, showing old films, everything we really want for a future plan,

2) Ben said 'oh the deadline is Saturday, so we haven't got much time' (in regards to the deadline for applications for the inital trials of Digital Cinema projectors), which got me thinking about Termisoc running a digital cinema (co-operated by UPSU and possibly the filmsoc),

3) Gem mentioned the concept of, instead of Skippy's nice but expensive idea of a server farm (or a Beowulf cluster), running a BOINC server which could devote processing time to anybody's projects (be it CGI rendering, mathematical problems, building a better processor, etc.),

4) Ben also mentioned the idea of him building his own distro of Linux, based on various systems he likes in various other distros, but without the annoying niggles. This developed into a concept of a Termisoc Linux, which would include a package management system based on a BZIP2-compressed x86-pre-compile with an XML installation page inside. Also, a concept for a three-tiered installation system where you can choose a fully-automatic install (for those who are new to computing and want it all done for them), a guided install (which will tell you what each setting does as you go through), and a manual install (which is for the experts and people too deep in Linux to care about what anything does anymore).

also, 5) a toaster with LDRs inside, assessing how brown your bread is, rather than how hot and long it's toasted for; and more bizarrely, a solenoid-based heating element which can write messages on your toast, even going as far as having a BHOS (a Bread Heating Operating System) and network card!

Currently, I'm piling up lots of info on Digital Cinema and BOINC in an effort to have something to present to the exec tomorrow at 12. Oh, and also do something as preparation for the filmmaking meeting I have at 1pm. Eep!

I really hope we can get in to this Cinema trial thing. If we didn't, I'd only feel a little dissapointed, as all it means is we'd (that's me and Chrissey, I mean) will have to wait until we have our cinema to dabble with :P

I can't believe that me, Ben and Gem spent a good 3 hours on the sofas just chatting through ideas, and talking about random stuff! And aaaaahhhhhhmylegjustfellasleep!

*jumps around and shakes leg wildly*

Ahh, that's better. Blimey, it's a bit nippy. I'll put a jumper on if I plan to stay up any much longer :( Ah, how handy. There's one by my chair. *pulls on jumper*. Mmm, toasty.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, plans. I'm still working on Mediaspace, if Dan is reading. All I have to do is finish the template and write what is required, otherwise we'll never get it done. Also, I/we will need to write a document which people can sign if they want to donate equipment. It'll generally state that Termisoc is now the owner of the piece of equipment and so the person no longer holds any rights to the usage of the box (albeit any current member privileges that they would have normally). That'll sort out any problems which may arise hopefully. Maybe we should write one for cash donations too whilst we're at it. Speaking of which, I have to take a look at all our current documents and make sure they're all up to date. I know the security policy isn't, so I'll have to take a look at them at some point.

SuSE's now back up and running on my system. I won't switch over from Windows just yet (not until I can get a new KDE so I can run later versions of AmaroK).

OK, so now I feel more depressed than I thought I would. Turns out, the 'Digital Cinema Network' is only applicable to theatrical cinemas, and if we wanted to apply for 'non-theatrical' status, we should have done it in October.... *sigh*. Guess I'll have to break the news to the guys tomorrow :( Never mind, we've still got BOINC and the Linux system we can cover.

Oh good, there's nothing that can't be done with BOINC that we can't do (theoretically). Runs on Linux, uses MySQL, PHP, etc. All good.

Anyway, I think bed is on the cards. So goodnight world.


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