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Friday, November 12, 2004

"You only stop talking, when you're sleeping" - Kathryn Williams, Soul To Feet

Wow, this is the first time when I've tried to go as fast as I can home in order to write things down before they are forgotten, lost in the ether of the mind.

I think it may have something to do with this eclectic feel to the night that occurs on misty, late nights. The way that the warmth is still there, combined with the lightness caused by stray water molecules bouncing the amber streetlights everywhere. It makes it feel like a Mediterranian city in the middle of summer. I love nights like these. It takes the mind back to good times, makes you feel more content with the world.

Maybe it's also the post-tired feeling you get which is making me feel this way. So, you may ask, why have I only just got in the door at 4:15am? Well, I'll sum up the night in easy steps.

1. Went out at 7pm and played a few games of pool.
2. Caught the 8.50 showing of 'Man On Fire' at the cinema.
3. Had a bottle of Corona and a pint of Boddingtons at the local pub, and chatted for hours about all sorts of things.
4. Got kicked out of the bar at closing time, continued discussion until 3:45, when I decided to leave Dan's.
5. Got back here.

Argh... so many things I want to write and yet I'm already yawning...

I've really enjoyed tonight, it's been really entertaining, thought-provoking, etc. Talking to Dan, Ben and Gem makes such a good night. I feel like I've never sat down and talked trash for such a long time (excluding with Chrissey, who I could talk to for hours on the telephone, and almost did tonight if it hadn't been for the arrival at afforementioned pub). We have to do that more often.

'Man On Fire' was a fantastic film, if incredibly dark and depressing in places. The cinematography, sound, editing, story, the works were all incredible. It did lose out in the end though. Felt too much like the ending just occurred, rather than being fully led up to. Shame really, seeing as they spent good hour just getting to know the characters. I won't be suprised if the girl in it grows up to be a famous actress someday. Sorry, actor. I personally don't understand what is the point of now referring to women as 'actors' rather than 'actresses'. Actor, in my opinion, always feels too masculine to me. It's sharp. Oh well, I suppose it's the feminist's loss. Feminism is getting to be a pain in the ass nowadays, sadly. The divide between women and men (I personally believe) can possibly be no closer without destroying all senses of gender, turning us into androgynous, sexless beings. *sigh*

Recently, I have spent far too much on albums. Well, actually, that's kind of a lie. I haven't spent a lot on albums in the past 3 weeks (in fact, just £26 I recall); however, I have bought a lot of CDs with that £26. About 9 albums and 1 single I think. Which is good in a way.

The room is still a mess. Tomorrow, I will start the task of doing all the things I must do. So many things to do. I want to do them all at once, get them over with, but instead I end up not deciding what to do and doing none of them. It's the way of the world I think.

I'm missing Chrissey, as always. I tend to miss every aspect of her at the same time, which is saddening. Her eyes, her smile, her talk, her cuddles, everything. I suppose it's for the best though, otherwise I'd be doing even less than I'm doing now. Probably not, but love takes up so much of your life. Personally, I wouldn't trade this feeling for the world though.

I have to come to a conclusion about whether I should sleep and risk not getting up for my lectures, or not sleeping and risk missing my lecture.( :P )

I must admit, this album I'm listening to is *really* good: Little Black Numbers by Kathryn Williams. I belive she won the Mercury in 1999. This was post that, I believe *checks*.

Nope, my mistake. This album was shortlisted 2000, but Badly Drawn Boy's 'The Hour of Bewilderbeast' won it. I do find it interesting that 'The Streets' have been nominated twice, yet neither time have won it. The Mercury's don't *really* count for anything though, apart from showing you can make an album that's artistically different. I suppose that is right, in a way. The Mercury is designed primarily as an arts prize, unlike the Brits or the Grammys or anything like that. It's special, even though some albums can be a little 'tosh'.

Ooh, my stomach's feeling icky. I think I haven't fed it right today. Oh well, not much I can do about it now. Give my teeth a clean, nice, shiny, minty.

I must admit, that Dan, Ben, Gem and me did decide some random things:

First album bought: Dan - Travis 'The Man Who'; Me - Spin Doctors 'Pocket Full Of Kryptonite'; Ben - Ozzy Osbourne 'No More Tears'; Gem - Oasis '(What's The Story?) Morning Glory'

Worst album owned: Dan - Britney Spears 'In The Zone' (given as a present); Ben - Guns And Roses 'Appetite For Destruction' (admittedly, he doesn't buy that many CDs so his collection doesn't really have anything bad in it); Gem - First two Spice Girls Albums

Best Green Day Album: 'Dookie'

Best Green Day Track: 1st - 'Basket Case', with 'Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)' a VERY close second

Best track on RHCP's 'Californication': 'Scar Tissue', with 'Otherside' coming close.

Best Queen track: 'Killer Queen'

Best REM album: 'Automatic For The People'

Best serious Jim Carey Films: 1st 'Eternal Sunshine', 2nd 'Man On The Moon', 3rd 'Truman Show'

Best Charlie Kaufman Films: 1st 'Eternal Sunshine', 2nd 'Adaptation', 3rd 'Being John Malkovich'

Electric Six: One Hit Wonders (of a sort)
The Darkness: Vastly Overrated
Franz Ferdinand: Not Overrated, probably didn't deserve Mercury

We also got onto the subject of Red Dwarf series, but we couldn't decide the best one, so gave up.

I must admit, a few new ideas for Termisoc appeared in the pipes as well:

* Cyber Café with Termisoc computers running Web, etc.
* Increase in membership costs next year (poss. £4 members, £15-£20 clubsocs)
* All projects to be finished by end of year
* Mass club campaigning (flyers, posters, etc.) - January onwards.
* LAN party before Christmas, even if it's Wireless-only
* Pizza nights
* More movie socials...
* and many other things my brain can't cope with at this moment in time.

I need to get those parcels tomorrow/today. Otherwise, they could be shipped back, and I'd be an unhappy bunny :(

I find it ironic that the only track on my computer by Elliot Smith is 'Pictures Of Me', a song about hating being famous (ironic because that's probably what drove him to suicide).

I think I'd better stop writing, otherwise this entry will get rediculously long and 'the man' will try to put me down. Oh well.


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