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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Brain melting beats, played by a number of disjointed mind-ferrymen.

I have taken a break from research for my 2000 word essay to write this blog, so don't shoot me if it's a little messed and illegible.

Research, if you could call it that, is going badly. The books I need to read are not in the university, and so I have been forced to trawl the
Googlesphere for information, combined with anything in the Wikipedia, etc.

Gem complained to me (in a way) that I don't update often enough for her. I do apologise if I don't post often enough, but that is just a fact of life that I, for the majority of the time, don't have anything interesting to write. Actually, that's a lie, it's just I don't feel like writing some of the time. *sigh*

The last week or so has been full to the brim, in a way. Tuesday the 22nd was the AGM of the
Univeristy's Student Union, which me, Gem, Ben, and Skip turned up to so we could vote on a motion to start the Radio Station officially (this also means that money and space will be on the cards at last), which passed without any rejections. Apart from that it was mostly a snoozefest. :P

Wednesday, I did some stuff in the daytime and then hopped on a train to go see Chrissey (mostly because she'd bought tickets to
Rebecca, starring Nigel Havers, info further on). Wednesday night, we went to Pizza Hut (annoyingly, I wasn't particularly hungry), and had some good ol' fashioned Italian :D . We then tried to go see a film, only to find tosh on at the Odeon, and we couldn't be bothered to try any of the other cinemas (it's a distance thing). Shame that.

Thursday, Chrissey had some lectures, and so we headed off to the campus and whilst she did all her stuff, I sat in the café-type place and read the book I was trying to finish
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks (an incredible book about how the human mind can break, entertaining and well worth reading even if you don't know the first thing about neurology - like me), and also do some work on, well, my work!

Later, we went to
Union Films, which is the Southampton Univeristy's Film Society. Unlike most film societies, however, UF has it's own film projectors, it's own 300-seat cinema in the union, and DTS :) Saw The Grudge, a a film by Takashi Shimizu starring Sarah-Michelle Gellar. It was an alright horror film, some blatant "oh that's going to happen" moments, but worth seeing. Bizarrely enough about this film, this is the 3rd making of the film, by the same director! It's all rather confusing, really. Anyway, I give it 3 stars, because it does what it set out to do.

Friday, Chrissey had a lecture about grave-robbing and looting to supply antiquities for the art market, and whether it was right or not. (You can read more about another lecture on the subject

Afterwards, after visiting the extensive
Oxfam Music Shop, where I ended up buying Moby's 18, and a couple of other CDs I can't remember the name of right now.

Friday night was spent watching
Interview With The Vampire, which I had never seen before, and I'll give 4 stars to. We were going to watch Queen of The Damned as well(a kind of sequel to Interview with The Vampire), but time marched on.

Saturday, we had a bit of a lazy day, went to Maplin in the afternoon to see about getting a media computer case (as in, a case that could be used for a Media PC), due to the last case in the Plymouth store being badly scrathed and them being reluctant to give me a discount. Found that another branch in Sotton had one, so reserved it and Chrissey might pick it up for me so I can finish it in the hols.

Then, we went to
Bella Italia (because, with theatre tickets for The Mayflower, you get a complimentary bottle of wine) and had some damn fine Italian-type food. I like Bella Italia, it's just a shame they don't have a restaurant in Plymouth. The service was resonably appalling today, however, having to wait 3/4s of a hour between starter and main course. It wasn't particularly busy, either. We didn't have time for desert and our garlic bread went cold waiting. Oh well.

Anyway, finally we saw Rebecca, as I mentioned at the start of this post. It's the story of Maxim De Winter and his new wife Beatrice. Well, sort of. Really it's the story of what happens when you marry a man with a wife who died under suspicious circumstances. Oh, and have a large house where your housekeeper is obsessed with the afforementioned dead wife. I can imagine this being a very good story. However, in this play, the majority of the tale is lost to a spartan (to say the least) stage set and a slightly wooden act. I feel I missed out on something in the experience. Also, as the play drew to it's final conclusion, bits of the play started disappearing, I think. The majority of it had a straightforward feel to it, but the end occured all too sudden and all too out of the blue, with very little reasoning or statement of what was truly going on, covered up by some very bizarre statements. I think this was partly down to the lack of scenery, which made it difficult to judge exactly where things were happening. Maybe I should read the book. :/ Me and Chrissey put down it's woodenness and lack of real depth down to the last play we saw being '
Mercury Fur', but reading other people's comments on it, I think it wasn't just us.

Sunday, again, was chilled. Chrissey made a fantastic roast for us, and watched
Cool Runnings, which apparently (again) I haven't seen before. I'll give it 3 1/2 stars.

And then I came home, back to my stone cold room. *sigh*. I miss Chrissey, and now I won't see her until the holidays. :(

Anyway, back here, the TermiSoc AGM was raring to go, so that happened at 6:30PM. Much was discussed (you can read about it
here), Ryan of ex-president fame turned up, and all were happy. Oh, and my fridge grew half a pizza for me. How nice of it :D

Somewhere during Sunday and Monday night, my computer also learnt about
torrenting and got the first two episodes of Nathan Barley. I'm glad it learned how to do that otherwise I would never have seen it due to the innumerable (partly down to the amount of generated smoke blocking my view of them) troop of potheads who congregate in my front room on a daily basis and watch nature programs. This is because their drug-addled heads are not able to cope with anything more visually challenging. Just try and get two stoned teenagers to watch 'Moulin Rouge' and you'll see what two terrified individuals, rocking gently in their haze because the images are too fast, really looks like! [note: may have a greater effect in the UK, due to films running a frame-per-second faster on television]). Next up is the 3rd episode and 'Bodyshock: The Man Who slept for 19 Years', the story of a 19-year old who ended up in a car-crash in 1984 and awoke last summer. God Bless!

Anyway, the majority of my day today has been filled up with work and me writing blog. So now everything's up to date, I'll stop prattling. Bye for now! :D


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