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Friday, June 08, 2007

This weeks irritating things:

Here are two things that have got on my goat of late:

1) I realise, after a health kick, that most tins of chopped tomatoes (a fruit that already can be quite sour) come complete with citric acid making it even more sour. In a bid to find a can that didn't, we (that is, me and Chrissey) found out about Sainsbury's So Organic Chopped Tomatoes - they are about 5p more expensive than the regular own-brand ones, but are far, far more delicious - sweet and wonderful. I'm never buying citric-ised tomatoes ever again. I was going to give away the couple of tins left of regular ones, but instead I'll probably use them as weights - waste not!

2) Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics really can't write lyrics. I thought that it went all downhill on their third album 'Just Enough Education to Perform' and their pile of tripe songs 'Nice to Be Out' (essentially a list of famous places he'd been to), 'Have A Nice Day' (a song all about a surly cab driver that hates them and has a crap job, but yet still tells them to 'Have a nice day') and Vegas Two Times (about going to Vegas, spending time there and losing money, then promptly running out of time and having to go). All this to Jones' piss-poor lyrics that lack so much eloquence that it's almost like he'd stopped bothering to learn new words once he'd turned 12. Apparently, however, it started earlier than that.

Look at their second, and most popular album 'Performance and Cocktails', more importantly the track 'She takes her Clothes Off' - a lovely ditty about a 43-year old woman, former beauty pageant winner who gets into 'nude modeling', likes dancing and kills herself over either an upset guy or a beheaded guy (it doesn't define which). Apparently, her feet had also swollen up. Yes, really. All this to such 'fantastic' rhymes as "she got the nickname Portabubble Joan.
They found her dead, dead as nails at home". Hmph.

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