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Friday, February 23, 2007

Breaking news - PS3's backwards compatibility funked!

Well, this is just bleeding typical. Sony are having fun kicking the dog that is Europe, but now apparently (according to the press document) the PlayStation3 will only play a 'limited selection of PS2 games' due to various cost-saving issues on the part of Sony where the EU consoles have had a few of the chips removed - in case you didn't know, the PS3 costs over £100 more to manufacture than they are selling it at. Apparently, this is due to be a whole lot worse than in the US & Japan, where 98% of games work perfectly (after several firmware upgrades due to shoddy graphics).

This is on top of the £425 price tag, delayed release and all the other crap that's wrong with the system.

I think I shall wait until Sony goes bust before I buy one (ooh, PS3 for only £29 if I wait 3 years? I'll buy it!)

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Blogger Seth said...

According to the Walmart website, the US version of the PS3 starts at just under $700 which is about £360. So less money for a better playstation?

3:43 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seth, wouldn't the PAL/NTSC difference be a problem? It certainly was when I still took notice, but at that point the Playstation 2 was news...

7:12 pm


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