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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Here's a description I saw for a recent Windows Update:

'A problem has been identified in Filter Manager that can prevent you from installing updates from Windows update. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

Right, so what would you do if your computer actually suffered from this bug? Surely if you can't install the update to correct the fault due to the fault, so you'd have to install the Windows Update to fix it. But in turn you couldn't install the update due to the fault, etc.

My head hurts now.

In other news, me and Chrissey have moved in to our new pad high up above the town (in a literal sense). She's popped home for the weekend (something I will be doing tomorrow), and she picked exactly the right day, as about 9pm this evening the electricity meter - which I note we're having replaced soon - ran out of credit whilst I was cooking me dinner. Cue me fumbling around for the charge key using my phone as a light, removing aforementioned dinner from oven, losing charge key on counter, finding charge key underneath said dinner, wandering around Mutley Plain for a shop with a WORKING PayPoint machine, charging key up twice for fear that the value on the meter was below 'emergency money', wandering back to find no lightbulb above the electricity meter - forcing me to use afforemented mobile as light, spending 5 minutes fiddling with the meter as the key failed to work, and eventually - after 9 or 10 attempts - getting the accursed key to work and thus my electricity to come on again. The whole thing took over half an hour, by which time my dinner had gone cold and I had to heat it all over again. Hopefully £10 will last us until we get the sodding thing replaced with a regular meter.

I've just downloaded a DVD of Vista after recieving my key from Microsoft (cue much crucifixing of fingers and so on), but decided not to install it as my partitions need sorting. Plus, I don't want to break GRUB again.


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