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Friday, February 23, 2007

'Hate to say I told you so, alright? Do believe I told you so, and it's all over you know...'

Well, I can hardly say I'm surprised - The Pirate Bay Abandons plans for a sovereign nation. Reasons stated include potentially poor bandwidth limit and also that they are happy and love Sweden. In conclusion, after taking everybody's money, their reason for starting this venture was purely to name a country 'The Pirate Bay' and see it on Google Maps.

I can hardly say I'm shocked by this news. Only Monday I was discussing with Gemma and Co. about the pluses and minuses of both their plans for a nation and the general ethos of The Pirate Bay itself. I do have a deep concern that a storm may come at some point - possibly a change in Swedish law - that means they are no longer protected. It may have been wise to jump ship to another country, but I feel it isn't the answer when this all (potentially) breaks. The corporate world doesn't love The Pirate Bay, sadly.

Anyway, I've been feeling a touch better today - I even attended a tutorial, unlike yesterday - and hope to be well by the time Chrissey's M&D come round on Sunday. I miss my own parents. I want to call them, but in the evenings I get wrapped up in stuff and so I miss the opportunity. *sigh*

A few days ago I gave my Sega Saturn a disassemble-and-clean. It was an absolute state inside due to the previous owner's apparently 40-a-day smoking habit and house full of spiders (I don't know this for certain, of course). I took a load of pictures - as you do - so I may put them up at some point. All I know is that an arcade-perfect conversion of Out Run is very addictive!

On Wednesday we went to see Hot Fuzz, the new action-comedy from Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright (Spaced & Shaun of the Dead). And damn, is it funny. Seriously, we watched it and will probably go and watch it again. Be prepared though, it does have a few grizzly bits. Most definitely 5 stars.

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