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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Interesting fact of the day: Why onions make you cry

Some of the stuff in onions contains sulphur. When you cut an onion, the cells which contain the sulphur are broken apart, triggering enzymes which release the sulphur as a gas.

When this suplhur reaches your eye, it reacts with the water in there to make sulphuric acid.

Which stings. Lots. In turn, this makes you cry - turning you into a big sissy.

The only proper solutions are:

1) Chill the onion - this can prevent the enzymes from going off.
2) Use a sharp knife - this can reduce the amount of damage to the cells.
3) Have good ventilation.

Ah, the wonders of Open University freebies.

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Blogger Dan said...

After I've peeled an onion and cut it in half, I rinse it under cold water. Wash of the sulphur, as it were. It seems to help.

Then again, I tend to keep my onions in the fridge anyway; so maybe this rinsing is unnecessary, as they are already chilled. Can't hurt though, I suppose

3:05 pm


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