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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

For anyone who cares:

The music from the Saab 9-3 advert (that one about Scandinavian design) is Through Your Eyes by Nina Kinert. (Video here:

The music from the Pizza Hut 'Photo Frames' advert is Escribeme Pronto by Mexican Institute of Sound. (listen here:

The music from the Fiat Grande Punto advert (with the equalizer city) is Fire Like This by Hardknox (not to be confused with the metal band Hardknox who seem to be populating (listen here:

Any others people want to know?

On a side note: it's interesting when you have two bands with the same name - for example Wildchild (DJ Wildchild)'s page (he who created the original Renegade Master, and sadly passed away before it became the commercial success we now know) is populated by some no-talent who feels it's OK to colonize such a prestigious name. It's kind of sickening in a way, if probably unintentional.

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