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Monday, October 22, 2007

"I'm impressed... when that gorilla pounds the desk I fall to bits'

Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but the latest version of Wine not only runs Office 97 (though I have the feeling it did for some time but not noticed), but also does this:

Will people stop complaining? Probably not - but I'll test whether it syncs stuff once I find my iPod cable..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm impressed.

Well, not really, but I would be if I wanted to use iTunes.

The thing is, people moan that such-and-such piece of software doesn't work on GNU/Linux, without taking into account that a) there's quite possibly something better that does work, and b) it's not hard to get quite a lot of things to work in Wine.

10:43 pm

Blogger Dan said...

iTunes is a special case. It's never been a problem to get iTunes to run under wine, but it has always run like a dog. Unusable, basically.

There isn't really an alternative either: if you want iTunes features, iTunes store integration and iTunes iPod connectivity then you need iTunes.

That's a good point actually; can iTunes running under wine connect to an iPod?

3:36 pm


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