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Sunday, October 07, 2007

'She wants money money money money money...'

Well, Sony have announced their new low cost 40GB PS3, which loses 2 USB ports, memory card support and - oddly, since it was software-based, PlayStation and PS2 support.

And the cost? 399 euros, which is 100 euros less than the 60GB option. According to the Sony execs is 'very reasonable'...

However, a quick money conversion makes it £279 - only £20 less than the XBOX 360 Elite with it's XBox support, 120GB hard drive and much better gaming selection. So, I ask again Sony, what are you playing at?

Anyway, have a double bill of videos from They Might Be Giants' new album, The Else (Planet users, please go onto the real blog to view them):

The Mesopotamians:

I'm Impressed:

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