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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oddly disturbing

Here's a case of understanding song lyrics by their context:

1) 'Rule The World' by Take That is the closing credits song for Stardust and, as far as I am aware, was written for the movie.
2) Stardust is a fantasy film partially about a fallen star (as in, thing in the sky - not celebrity) which has taken the form of a woman played by Claire Danes.
3) The chorus of Rule The World is:
"You and me, we can ride on a star"

Now, this either implies that the lead characters are intending to ride a second star-woman, or that him and another person are going to ride Claire Danes.

All we really know is that star-women can't fly (as implied by the movie) so it wasn't for transportation or literally flying through the sky, and that they *did* have lots of kids at the end...

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