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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whoever created this video....

...I so, so want to meet them, as it's both bonkers and just so absolutely cheery and whilst it's a fairly negative song it still cheered me up:


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Blogger Dan said...

A most awesome find of yours there. That's a brilliant video, kinda thing I'd expect to turn up on Drawn! or something. That's actually where I found out about The Whitest Boy Alive, through a video of their that got posted.

I haven't checked Drawn! in a while. I'm gonna go do that now, always a good way to 1) Be cheered up by awesome art and 2) Be depressed by the fact that I will never be that good. No matter how long I live.


8:39 pm

Blogger Dan said...

Having just checked Drawn!, I have just been absolutely amazed by a video posted
on there. Be amazed...

8:49 pm


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